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Your blueprint for success begins with Cosentino

When it comes to real estate, your blueprint for success depends on the expertise of the development firm you hire.


The Cosentino Realty Group is a full service real estate development firm offering this expertise in the development, redevelopment and management of commercial properties. A family owned business with almost three decades of experience. Founded by Peter Cosentino, Sr., both his sons, Peter and Michael, learned the general contracting business and the intricacies of construction. After his passing Peter & Michael vowed to carry on their fathers dream of turning a family owned sand mine into a supercenter. Through hard work, dedication, persuasion and a clear vision of success they were finally able to see the dream come true. In 1995 Costco Wholesale became the first anchor tenant to be built in the Cosentino Commerce Center.

Since then, the Cosentino Realty Group has made huge strides in the development business. The company is recognized as playing a major role in the growth of Long Island. They have been involved in the building and developing of many projects including freestanding buildings and commercial shopping centers. These centers are anchored with leading triple-A, big-box store tenant and quality retailers. The Cosentino Group prides itself on efficiency and integrity which has proven to be the blueprint for success.

Michael Cosentino
Peter Cosentino, JR.
Peter Cosentino, Sr.
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