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Cosentino Realty Group takes great pride in managing over 500 thousand square feet of commercial shopping center land daily. We put a huge amount of effort into keeping our centers clean and well maintained. We believe a clean center is integral to real estate management because it shows we take pride in our business. All of our properties receive outstanding attention intended to create a positive shopping experience for our customers. As well as our customers, we are committed to meeting all of our tenants' needs on site.




Cosentino Realty Group has over 20 years of experience in the development business. We have been involved in many projects including commercial retail centers, super centers, free standing buildings and office space. Our main goal is to ensure successful projects by way of quality, integrity and efficiency. We factor in many elements such as location, competition and future obstacles before developing a center. One of the key reasons to our success has been our knowledge and expertise in this field.


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